Mission & Vision


To build and sustain global media brand promoting entrepreneurial spirits and enduring values in Nigeria and Africa.


•  Serving higher purpose and provide a window of positive changes and opportunities through my voice and your voice to foster great ideas, diverse views, and unbiased opinions.


  • Promoting programs that will help and guide both private and public sectors to make sound decisions, and formulate efficient policies for society and humanity.
  • To become a media hub through which clients and customers can enrich their brands and reach out to customers with their products and services seamlessly.
  • To partner with private and public sectors locally and globally, organize quarterly investment summits and business promotions in all industries to drive socio-economic prosperity and sustainability in Africa.
  • To stimulate positive social changes, promote investments, creativity, innovations and entrepreneurships in Nigeria and Africa.
  • To assemble the right talents and build learning organization with shared vision, team autonomy, and team dynamics and unrelenting obsession for wining at all levels.

Value propositions:

•          To promote ethical leadership, and use our integrated media to reignite the spirit of patriotism and ethical discipline in Nigeria and Africa.

  • To promote human capital development and hands-on knowledge transfer in all fields.
  • Unassailable media promotion and empowerment for all categories of entrepreneurs and SMES operators.

Current track