Our Reach

Jordan 105.5FM is uniquely located at Abule-Egbe with advantageous high attitude of almost 60meters above sea level with unprecedented 80meters tall mask which is the highest tower you can find around the whole general area and beyond. Therefore, our ever- increasing mileage of communication networks and ubiquitous listenership occasioned by the most advanced transmission equipment, digital and integrated social medial interface, and high altitude and height of our mast has enabled us to reach millions of audience and our main target group between ages 15-50 years seamlessly.  Hence, Jordan 105.5 FM has been strategically positioned with the cutting edge and unlimited resourcefulness to provide exceptional services to clients through adverts, sponsorships, promotions, exporting, branding and rents. Through our value creating and innovative solutions to radio communication and integrated social media and streaming, we have attracted and built relationships with millions of listeners across Lagos and neighboring states and moving beyond the shore of Africa. It is all about creating enduring value and driving unprecedented markets and sales for your products and brands through our wide networks and rich audience.     

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