The popular comedian, Bright Okpocha aka Basketmouth has fially opened up about his relationship with Ayo Makun aka A.Y.

A.Y. once said in an interview that Basketmouth owed him #30000 and that was what started their longstanding beef. He claimed he had stood in for Basketmouth at an event but Basketmouth tried to outsmart him by lying that the client had not paid for the gig which he found out was false but while featuring on the latest episode of the honest bunch podcast hosted by media personality Nedu, Basketmouth debunked A.Y’s claim insisting that there was no client involved.

According to him, he was never friends with A.Y and the working relationship they both had was a one off deal. He also said” This kind of talk or gist even dey social media in this 2023, his kids don grow, his son go turn 14 months next month, everybody don dey grow and that he i very sad that is beef with A.Y is even on social media at all after election and Ukraine is fighting but here we are talking about #30000.

He also said to set the record straight he and A.Y were never friends to begin with and they don’t share any personal relationship at all that, as a matter of fact if you check my instagram you won’t find any personal pictures I took with him and there was no such thing as #30000, that was a big lie on A.Y part cause there was no such client to begin with, he also said in this industry he minds his own business and that when he heard some things about A..Y, he choose not to tell him but decided to mind his own business and just step back instead and that it wasn’t because of thee money because he has forgotten about it.

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