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About Us

Jordan 105.5 FM Lagos is a sister radio station to high performing Jordan 93.9 FM based in Abuja and both stations are owned by INNOVATIVE BROADCASTING LTD. The company was registered on 26th of May 2014 but Jordan 105.5FM Lagos commenced commercial operation on the 1st of October 2018.  Jordan 105.5 FM heralds a new dawn in the business of radio broadcasting and mass media communications. Our dynamic team has fostered a creative and innovative approach to gather and deliver credible news and reliable information to our highly esteemed listeners and the general public with topmost ethical standards and business integrity. Jordan 105.5FM has built a learning organization, taking radio communications beyond the tradition of gathering and delivering reliable news and information, running adverts, and promotions. 

Jordan 105.5FM Lagos in collaboration with her sister company Jordan 93. 9 FM Abuja is leading the way to drive the rebirth of values and ethics in the society with our top-notch programs, events, and shows. Through our plush network and borderless transmission, we are poised to rebrand and reclaim our identity as the giant and cradle of the black race, and compellingly unveil the authentic narratives of our great cultures and rich history to the outside world.

Our primary focus is to promote and stimulate entrepreneurship across all sectors. Jordan’s family invigorates human capital developments and promotes ideas that drive socio-economic and political developments. We are creating windows through which the spirit of innovations and creativity can be nourished and sustained across all boards. It is our sheer commitment to rebrand and export unlimited natural endowments and human resourcefulness in Nigeria and Africa to the outside world for greater prosperity and enduring socio-economic prosperity for all.

Our overarching goals are geared toward invigorating and restoring values and ethics in our systems and society, promoting businesses and investments across all fields (education, health, agro-allied, sports, politics, ICT, engineering, manufacturing, oil and gas, and professional services) through different programs on creativity and sustainability.

Our reach network

Jordan 105.5FM is uniquely located at Abule-Egbe with an advantageous high attitude of almost 6meters above sea level, unprecedented 80meters tall mask which is the highest tower you can find around the whole general area and beyond. Therefore, our ever-increasing mileage of communication networks and ubiquitous listenership occasioned by the most advanced transmission equipment, digital and integrated social medial interface, and high altitude and height of our mast has enabled us to reach millions of audience across some southern states in Nigeria particularly Lagos and Ogun. Jordan 93.9 Abuja reaches most of the North Central states including some part of Kaduna.  Our main target group between ages 15-65 years. 

Hence, Jordan 105.5 FM has been strategically positioned with the cutting edge and unlimited resourcefulness to provide exceptional services to clients through adverts, sponsorships, promotions, exporting, branding and rents. Through our value-creating and innovative solutions to radio communication and integrated social media and streaming, we have attracted and built relationships with millions of listeners across Lagos and neighboring states and moving beyond the shores of Africa. It is all about creating enduring values, entrenching the discipline of entrepreneurship in our people and society for greatness, and driving unprecedented markets and sales for your products and brands through our wide networks and rich audience.    

Jordan family

Jordan 105.5 FM is the first and number one entrepreneurship radio in Africa. 

Jordan 105.5 FM Lagos and Jordan 93.9 FM in Abuja

Jordan 105.5fm is my voice your voice.


To build and sustain global media brand promoting entrepreneurial spirits and enduring values in Nigeria and Africa.


Serving higher purpose and provide a window of positive changes and opportunities through my voice and your voice to foster great ideas, diverse views, and unbiased opinions.


Promoting programs that will help and guide both private and public sectors to make sound decisions, and formulate efficient policies for society and humanity.