A new Russian drone strike has hit Ukrainian port facilities in the Izmail area on the River Danube, killing one person, the local governor says.

Port and agricultural infrastructure was damaged in the overnight attack, according to Oleh Kiper, governor of the surrounding Odesa region. There was no immediate comment from Moscow on the reported new attack.

Izmail, across the river from Nato member state Romania, came under Russian drone attack earlier this week.

Ukraine alleged that Russian drones had landed on Romanian territory during that attack but Romania denied this.

Russia has been hitting Ukraine’s port facilities along the River Danube for more than a month, trying to prevent Ukraine from using the river to export its grain. Ukraine is one of the world’s major exporters of wheat and corn.

The dispute between Romania and Ukraine came as Russian and Turkish leaders held talks over reviving a deal that allowed Ukraine to export grain safely through the Black Sea.

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