Only In Naija 5:15-6:00pm: A fun show that spotlights some of our culture, practices, and our peculiarities as Nigerians



Real Estate Show 6:15- 7:00pm:

The center focus is real estate (making the real estate sector profitable, productive and sustainable business) and (moving forward and adding value through innovation, creativity, technology and partnerships).


Experts and stakeholders in the real estate sector, insurance, Govts, and related agencies within the Real Estate value chain are invited from within and outside the country to explore and exploit the sector,


Real Estate opportunities

Real Estate business and investment opportunities

Real Estate on SWOT and scenario analysis

Real Estate tech, Marketing and Branding.





Human Capital 7:00-8:00pm:

Molding and developing global talents in Nigeria/Africa get them ready for knowledge economy through entrepreneurships, tech, collaborations, etc. Building sense of urgency and developing Human Capital in Africa.

The objective is to train and mentor our youths (employability and leadership skills).

Get our youths ready for the knowledge economy through entrepreneurship, mentorship and effective couching and reduce dependence on expatriates in Nigeria/Africa.

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