Jordan family has commenced a live and interactive half-hour every Thursday from 11:30AM to 12:00 noon program designed exclusively for foreign issues and activities of all diplomatic missions in Nigeria. Diplomatic Core on our radio clearly aligns with its meaning which underpins and promotes the most intrinsic functions and importance of all foreign diplomatic missions in Nigeria. Our focus is on promotion of entrepreneurship and businesses with foreign countries active participation of governments and business community (entrepreneurs, business leaders, BMOs etc.) in Nigeria and foreign countries through their embassies. 

The programme will help all diplomatic missions in Nigeria to further deepen and invigorate diplomatic tie between our dear country Nigeria and their beloved countries. The programme is also in tandem with the partnership we have with Lagos State Government to drive and stimulate entrepreneurships and investments in Lagos.

MANPRENUER: (1:30PM- 1:45PM):  On each episode, a man who is doing amazing in his field across board is celebrated as a source of inspiration to men.


Question of The Day 2:00-3:00pm: For fun, a question is thrown out to the listeners, and they engage by phone calls & messages.


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