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Written by on December 4, 2023

Nigerian singer Opeyemi Rahim, better known as Lyta, has opened up about his longing to reunite with his former record label, YBNL Nation. During an appearance on the Ginger Yourself Podcast, Lyta shed light on his departure from YBNL in 2019, emphasizing that it was not an intentional decision.

Recalling the events that led to his exit, Lyta revealed that he was influenced by rumors and negative perceptions circulated by individuals within the industry. In a 2022 interview, he had confessed that these external influences played a role in his decision to leave YBNL Nation.

Now, reflecting on his past choices, Lyta expressed a deep sense of regret and a strong desire to rekindle his ties with YBNL Nation. He acknowledged the label’s pivotal role in shaping his career and the positive impact it had on his musical journey.

Lyta’s heartfelt confession highlights the enduring influence of YBNL Nation in his life and his aspiration to once again be part of the label’s legacy. His yearning for a homecoming underscores the profound impact YBNL has had on his musical identity and his desire to reclaim a sense of belonging.

Whether or not a YBNL reunion materializes remains to be seen. However, Lyta’s unwavering affection for his former label and his desire to rebuild the connection demonstrate the enduring power of YBNL’s influence on his musical trajectory.

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