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Written by on December 12, 2023

Rising tensions and potential conflict are brewing between organized labor and the Federal Government due to the latter’s failure to sustain the promised N35,000 wage award to workers.

Federal Civil Service workers, speaking to journalists, confirmed that the government only paid the N35,000 award for September, neglecting its subsequent installments. This discrepancy has generated confusion and dissatisfaction among the workforce.

The N35,000 wage award was initially agreed upon by the government following the removal of fuel subsidies by President Bola Tinubu. This measure was intended to mitigate the financial hardship faced by workers due to the increased cost of living.

While the initial payment was made in September, subsequent months have seen a lapse in fulfilling the promised wage increase. A memo issued by Ekpo Nta, Chairman of the National Salaries, Wages, and Income Commission, confirmed the effective date of the award as September 1st, 2023. However, investigations have revealed a discrepancy between the memo and actual disbursements.

The government’s failure to honor its commitment to the N35,000 wage award has ignited discontent amongst organized labor. This situation has the potential to escalate into a significant conflict if left unresolved. It is crucial for the government to address this issue swiftly and transparently to maintain a harmonious relationship with its workforce.

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