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Written by on December 19, 2023

At least 118 people perished and hundreds were injured in a powerful earthquake that struck remote villages in northwest China on Monday night. Rescue teams tirelessly searched through the rubble of collapsed homes in Gansu province and its neighboring Qinghai, where additional casualties were reported.

The shallow tremor, China’s deadliest in years, caused immense damage, particularly to poorly built brick structures. Thousands of homes were destroyed, forcing residents to flee into the freezing night for safety. Officials confirmed 105 deaths and nearly 400 injuries in Gansu alone, while Qinghai suffered 13 fatalities, 182 injuries, and 20 missing persons as of Tuesday morning.

The disaster unfolded with chilling immediacy, leaving communities devastated and struggling to cope with the loss and destruction. Rescuers battled sub-zero temperatures and precarious conditions to reach survivors, while the full extent of the damage and potential loss of life is still being assessed. This tragedy, echoing through the desolate valleys and villages, casts a somber shadow over China’s northwest region, leaving lasting scars and a desperate need for support and recovery efforts.

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