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Written by on December 20, 2023

With Christmas just five days away, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is sounding the alarm over the persistent cash scarcity gripping the nation. In a fiery statement by President Joe Ajaero, the NLC warns of “serious implications” for citizens and demands immediate action from the government and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Bank customers across the country are reeling from the ordeal, unable to withdraw cash for basic necessities despite the CBN’s repeated assurances. The frustration is palpable, with banks rationing withdrawals and ATMs gasping for bills.

The NLC’s patience, however, seems to be wearing thin. The statement issues a stark warning: if the naira shortage persists, mass public protests are inevitable. The simmering discontent threatens to boil over, casting a shadow over the festive season.

This outburst highlights the mounting pressure on the government and the CBN. They face a critical test – to either alleviate the cash crisis and appease the growing anger or brace for potentially disruptive public demonstrations. With time running out before Christmas, a swift and effective solution is urgently needed to avert a holiday marred by frustration and unrest.

The NLC’s statement serves as a powerful reminder that economic hardship can quickly translate into social unrest. The government and the CBN must now navigate this delicate situation with utmost sensitivity and decisive action, ensuring that Nigerians can celebrate Christmas with some semblance of peace and joy.

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