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High food prices direct consequence of insecurity – Pat Utomi

Written by on February 22, 2024

Pat Utomi, a professor of political economy, says food prices are up in Nigeria because the country is not producing food. The professor said that farmers who are supposed to produce food have abandoned their farms because they are insecure

Utomi said this during an interview on Arise TV on Thursday, advising the government to provide security for farmers to boost food production in the country.

He said the short-term solution is for the government to bring out what we have in reserve while providing security for farmers for a long-term solution.

He said, “Whatever they have in the grain reserve should show up for immediate supply. We must mobilise every security force available. Strengthen local militias, move them, and even send soldiers into the farms. We have to do this like almost Operation Feed the Nation.”

High food prices direct consequence of insecurity – Pat Utomi

Speaking on the reason for the persistent food inflation and rising cost of living in Nigeria, Utomi said it is not a surprise that we found ourselves in this situation.
He fingered the last administration, saying that competence and meritocracy became jokes in the country.

The economics professor said it was glaring that we would end up in this situation because the previous administration made several wrong decisions coupled with nepotistic appointments.

Utomi urged the current administration to stay away from panic, saying the introduction of different kinds of policies could further worsen the situation.

He advised calmness, urging the government to look at the origin of the crisis and systematically come up with solutions.

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