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Walking in Purpose

Written by on June 18, 2024

A popular saying goes thus, when the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable.

Well, purpose means many different things to various people. For some it is the true meaning of life, the reason for which a thing was created.

To psychologists, purpose is an abiding intention to achieve a long-term goal that is both personally meaningful and makes a positive mark on the world. From this definition, we can infer that purpose brings about impact.

So one way to know that you are walking in purpose, beyond the feeling of fulfillment is to check if you are making impact. Impact is not only achieved when your dream finally changes the world, but starts from one person at a time.

One of my favourite books is The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and it tells you in one of the first chapters that “you are not an accident”. Know this and know peace!!!

You are here on earth for a reason, and it is high time you stop blaming everyone else but yourself, and take charge of your life.

Till the next Teen Tuesday, take charge

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