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Written by on November 22, 2023

In a dramatic turn of events, judiciary workers in Osun state have resorted to industrial action, effectively halting all judicial operations in the state. This decision comes after a series of escalating tensions between the workers and the state government, culminating in the use of tear gas by police against protesting workers and journalists at the High Court entrance in Oke-Fia, the state capital.

Gbenga Eludire, Chairman of the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) in Osun state, has openly denounced the Chief Judge, Justice Oyebola Ojo, accusing him of “declaring war” against the workers. In response to this perceived hostility, Eludire has instructed all judiciary workers to immediately withdraw their services from their respective stations.

The industrial action is likely to have a significant impact on the administration of justice in Osun state, potentially causing delays in court proceedings and hindering access to justice for individuals and communities. The union’s decision to strike underscores the severity of the situation and highlights the urgent need for a resolution to the ongoing conflict between the workers and the state government.

The use of force by police against peaceful protesters raises serious concerns about the state’s handling of the situation. The brutal dispersal of the protesters and journalists not only serves as an intimidation tactic but also undermines the fundamental right to freedom of assembly and expression.

The situation in Osun state underscores the importance of open dialogue and mutual respect between the government and its workers. Failure to address the grievances of the judiciary workers through constructive engagement could lead to further escalation and potentially jeopardize the delivery of justice in the state.

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