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Written by on January 2, 2024

Ah, 2024! The year the stars align for Nigerian hustle. Bank accounts overflowing? Dreams manifesting faster than danfo drivers in rush hour? Absolutely possible, fam. But before you dive into your business like akara into hot oil, let’s add some strategic seasoning to your hustle.

Know your hustle like you know “Ojuelegba”: What’s your jam? Tailoring agbada with pockets bigger than Abuja contracts? Baking puff-puff so light it floats away like politicians’ promises? Research your market, your competitors, and any secret spices they might be using (just kidding… maybe).

Network like it’s suya season: From the corner suya seller to the big oga in his corner office, connections are your currency. Shake hands, attend every event, and remember, everyone knows someone who needs your hustle. Business cards? Optional for puff-puff vendors, just wink.

Hustle smart, not just hard: Work like you’re competing for the last bowl of amala, but think like the Obi of Onitsha. Automate what you can, delegate like a boss, and invest in tools that free up your time. Remember, your time is worth more than a bag of pure gold.

Embrace the digital sauce: Forget snail mail and town criers, the internet is your marketplace now. Build a website slicker than a politician’s handshake, dominate social media, and get your business on every platform from Jiji to Instagram.

Be the pepper in the soup: Stand out! Offer something unique, whether it’s personalized agbada embroidery, rainbow-colored puff-puff, or customer service so good it makes NEPA look reliable.

Patience is key (but not too much key): Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your business empire won’t be either. Don’t get discouraged, keep hustling, keep learning, and keep believing. But also, don’t be afraid to adjust your plans like adding extra onions to bland egusi.

Laugh through the tears (and the NEPA outages): Challenges will come, from unreliable internet to customers who bargain like it’s a national sport. But Nigerians are made of strong stuff. Laugh through the frustration, find humor in the chaos, and keep that entrepreneurial spirit burning brighter than a Lagos generator at midnight.

So there you have it, the blueprint for Nigerian business success in 2024. It’s not just about making money (though that’s nice too), it’s about building something you’re proud of, leaving your mark on the world, and maybe even inspiring the next generation of hustlers. Now go forth, conquer that business jungle, and show the world what Nigerians are made of! Na so e be!

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